DevRel metrics and why they matter


Why is measuring the impact of developer relations hard?

Measuring tape

Establishing a North Star metric

North star

Time to Hello, World

The time to Hello, World (TTHW) measures the time it takes a developer to go from sign up to sending whatever the equivalent is to your platform’s Hello, World.

Active developers

Increased activity usually means increased engagement and increased engagement often means more revenue. A big part of developer relations is making developers successful and increasing active developers arguably correlates with developer success.

Lead generation

While active developers is a measurement for post registration, lead generation is really the top of the funnel. Often lead generation is a metric owned by marketing departments, but developer relations can play a key role in driving leads. Many of our activities from blogging, creating videos, or presenting at a conference could create leads for your product.

Measuring DevRel activities

The developer relations cycle is to create and own the engineering resources necessary to make a developer successful with a product, educate and drive awareness within developer communities, inspire those communities to take action, and collect feedback to influence the product to improve the developer experience (see image below).

The Developer Relations ongoing interface cycle from The Core Competencies of Developer Relations

Developer resources

Education, awareness, and inspiring action


Feedback and influence


Final thoughts

Metrics are key to helping leaders within your company understand the important role that developer relations fills. You need to establish a North Star metric that is aligned with the overall organization or product’s goals. Every activity you participate in or prioritize should have a metrics story.



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