How to influence people to prioritize the developer experience

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What not to do

Influencing people, things not to do.

Throw it over the wall and hope someone picks it up

Scorch the Earth

Complain but offer no solutions

Strategies for influence

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Own the problem and solution

Show what it means to not solve the problem

  • How does this problem negatively impact growth numbers and how would solving it positively impact growth numbers? Show actual numbers.
  • What financial cost does this problem have today? You can look at things like developers failing to complete the sign up process or launch something on your platform due to the issue or bugs reported that support teams have to deal with or how much out of band engineering time has been devoted to dealing with one-off issues related to the problem.
  • What are your competitors doing? Sometimes highlighting how the competition is doing a much better job than you can really motivate someone.

Build a coalition

Over prepare

Chase it down, hustle, don’t give up


Reduce scope if needed

Final thoughts




Google Developer Relations — BizComms — All opinions are mine and mine alone.

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Sean Falconer

Sean Falconer

Google Developer Relations — BizComms — All opinions are mine and mine alone.

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