Turning search queries into AI-powered conversations with Business Messages

What is Google’s Business Messages?

Example of Business Messages chat entry point for Bridgepoint Runners

How do I get started?

Life of a Business Messages message
Example of where to copy an agent test URL

AI-powered conversation with Bot-in-a-Box

FAQ-powered automated conversations

Creating a Business Messages Helper bot

Create an agent dialog
Overview of a newly created Business Messages agent
Agent information editor for a Business Messages agent

Setting up Bot-in-a-Box

Enabling the Dialogflow integration
Example FAQ sheet created for Business Messages
Upload an FAQ as training data for Bot-in-a-Box
Example conversation with Business Messages Helper Bot

Adding in a custom intent

Creating a custom intent for responding to “about this experience” type inputs
Example text-based response from a custom intent
Example of creating a custom payload to respond with a Business Messages rich card
Example rich card response form Helper Bot

Final thoughts



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